Technological features you may or may not be aware of

My usage of technologies would be moderate. The things at the top of my list would be YouTube, email and my kindle. I don’t check Facebook all the time, I still have one and I enjoy using it however, I don’t like that the only reason I know what my friends are up to is because I saw one of their posts. I prefer spending time with my friends and catching up in person rather than online.

My favourite piece of technology would probably be my kindle. I’m an avid reader and having an entire bookshelf at my disposal is incredibly convenient, especially for travel.   I’m not completely technologically challenged however; I’m not incredibly adapt with using it either. So here are some things that I recently learnt you could do.

For students using two email accounts it could be handy and save time by linking them. I opt not to do this simply because I feel more organised having them separate for some reason. For those interested see the links below:

how to geek tutorial

make use of tutorial

Something I never knew I could do in word:

(YouTube 2016)

Its called track changes, If you’re an aspiring editor or author and you haven’t heard of Microsoft’s track changes you may want to check it out.  To turn it on simply:

  1.  Click on the Review tab
  2. Switch to on, the option is slightly to the left.

Now you can edit your document and any changes made will appear in red mark-ups, you can also leave comments. At the end of your editing process you can enter the Review tab and either accept or reject the changes or keep editing. To turn track changes off, use the same process you used to switch it on. Happy editing.

There are so many things you can do on google. To google like a superstar watch the video below:

(YouTube 2016)


YouTube. (2016). How to use google search like a professional user. Tips & Tr. [online] Available at: [Accessed 1 Sep. 2016] 

YouTube. (2016). Word tutorial: How to track changes in documents | [online] Available at: [Accessed 1 Sep. 2016]


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